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I have begun asking clients for reviews and will post them as I receive them. Referrals to contractors we like to work with is below.






Jackie Taylor 2013

Pete Keller took my rough drawing of a house from a bar napkin, gave it life, purpose, and beauty.    He listened to my dreams, my vision, and created a home that surpassed them both.  I asked for what I thought was the impossible, a small “Frank Lloyd Wright” home in Sandpoint, Idaho.  He gave me that home; a home that nestles into the hills, the rocks, the trees, and becomes part of the environment, not a structure that stands outside of and in contradiction to its surroundings.


Pete is a poet, a dreamer, a visionary, a man of all seasons—if you wish to make your home come true, Pete is perfect for the job.


                                                                                                                                                Jackie Taylor





John and Louise Peyton 2012


We asked Pete to complete a design for a remodel of a portion of out home.
We were interested in converting two small bedrooms with a bathroom in
between them to a master bedroom and a larger bedroom. Pete skillfully
completed a design which not only included a master bedroom and larger
bathroom but also a walk-in closet and a main floor restroom. His unique
design called for expanding an exterior wall for the larger bathroom .
This included cultured stone on the exterior which blended in perfectly
with the logs of the log home itself.

Additionally, Pete designed a gable and shed roof  for the front of
our log home. It extends across the front of the house with five pillars.
The pillars were to have cultured stone facades and flagstone
underneath the structure itself.  This project is now almost complete
and looks beautiful. We plan on inviting Pete over so that he can
see the fruits of his labor.





this is a list of contractors, builders, suppliers,  and professionals who we enjoy working with, whose work we’ve seen first-hand, and whose quality has impressed us and our clients.







General Contractors:

DSS Custom Homes (contact Steve Smith at 208-946-4250)

dss logo


Winterhawk Construction (contact Jerry Cox at 208-290-7832)



Cabinets Northwest



Unruh Drywall



Suarez Engineering



Colton Plue


Interior Design:

Dion Williams (


Landscape design:

Site Specific Design — Mac MacDonald


Ron Andersen ‘Ron the Painter’ — Andersen Fine Finishes 208-263-0762



Allen Hermann




Hill Mannan at Mark Hall Realty


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