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These posts are dedicated to expanding community discussion about the look and feel of our town.

As a resort, Sandpoint offers visitors  extraordinary natural surroundings as well as a beautiful built environment

but the charm that attracts people here brings challenges as well, and it is up to us as a town to imagine our future well.


 One of the primary factors that influence modern towns is traffic flow. The byway has altered Sandpoint indelibly.

There is a large roundabout planned for highway 2 at Boyer. In the last century public policy centered

around speed and convenience of travel. Now these policies are becoming more nuanced, as we learn

more about living alongside these horseless carriages of ours. Kids and shoppers and evening dogwalkers

are slowly regaining their rightful place on our streets. It is both the places in a town as well as the journey

between them that defines a town. When these journeys are by foot or bike or perhaps even rickshaw, it is a sign

that the infrastructure is functioning well.

Sandpoint is already blessed with a cornucopia of pleasant and curious places. We have City Beach,

the Healing Garden, the Silo, the Marina. The Railroad Station is slated to be remodeled soon. First Street is a

fine example of American building, the traditional brickwork of the town gives us a strong connection to

our history. I believe these places should be celebrated, along with all the other points of interest in this small and

exceptional corner of the globe.


For a tourist town, the pursuit of good living has very real economic effects. If we can keep our town beautiful and

livable, and make it more so, we will see a pragmatic return on the investment, as well as the returns for the spirit.

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