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Goethe wrote that 'architecture is frozen music.' — It's an art of rhythm and tempo, and communication through form.

We enjoy working with people with high standards. The joy of art is in the endless, futile, and deeply satisfying search for perfection.

Good architecture requires a willingness to listen carefully — not only to direct design requirements, also to context.

Architecture is a celebration of our values — effort and craftsmanship, creativity and culture, comfort and beauty.

Our homes and buildings are the stage-sets for our lives, design is motion and dynamics as much as form.

Sunlight is a physical need, not just a luxury. Corbusier called architecture 'a struggle for light.'

Sustainable Architecture

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Commercial Design


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Project Management

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Architectural Graphics

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FKA offers discounted rates for certain work that has social benefit. Please contact us for more info.

Commercial Architecture

Sean Fitzpatrick, our lead architect, has been licensed since 1994. Sean is a member of AIA and is LEED certified.

Residential Architecture

'Your home shall not be an anchor but a mast, You shall not fold your wings that you may walk through doors.'

Fitzpatrick Keller Architecture -- Satisfied with the extraordinary